ELOGOXA – Kriptonia Demo

Kriptonia was a FSU plugin I designed back in October 2003, coming with lots of modulation, filter and comb action. The incoming audio is first processed by an encryption algorithm, based on a frequency shift within the audio spectrum. Then it passes through a comb filter and three other different kind of filters. The signal coming from each of them can be modified by using… Read more →

ELOGOXA – Xs-MoDelay Demo

Xs-MoDelay was a stereo delay with filter and feedback distortion I designed back in 2003, controllable by LFO. So the delay as the LFO can be automatically synced to the host tempo.   Xs-MoDelay Interface                   Xs-MoDelay Schematic                              … Read more →

ELOGOXA – Once Upon a Time

Note: This is the first post on a series about my time at ELOGOXA that I’ll write about. In the future I’ll post about a couple of plugins I designed at the time, Kriptonia and Xs-MoDelay. Feel free to come back and check some sound examples I’ll share on them. ELOGOXA was a small Spanish group geared towards the creation and development of… Read more →