ELOGOXA – Kriptonia Demo

Kriptonia was a FSU plugin I designed back in October 2003, coming with lots of modulation, filter and comb action.

The incoming audio is first processed by an encryption algorithm, based on a frequency shift within the audio spectrum. Then it passes through a comb filter and three other different kind of filters. The signal coming from each of them can be modified by using four different 16-step control pattern modules, and two LFOs which control filter frequency, filter resonance and encryption mode.


Kriptonia Interface













Kriptonia Schematic

Encryption Schematic














As an example of what can be achieved with Kriptonia I decided to design the flight and movement of a futurist kind of cyborg bug. As with the Demo created for Xs-MoDelay, the goal was making it as simple as it can be, using as few sounds as possible but making the most out of the plug-in.

Looking through my personally recorded sound library, I chose the recording of the engine and blades from a little toy which I used to perform pass by movements as a base for the design. It was recorded through a Sennheiser MKH 60 into a Sound Devices 702.


Raw Dolphin Toy Recording


After processing this track through Kriptonia with plenty of automatization in some of its parameters, I layered an EQ’ed version of the raw sample. Afterwards, I used some flying flies I had recorded during a recording session in the field with a Sony PCM M10 recorder to give the final sound a sense of liveliness and organic motion.


Cyborg Bug

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