ELOGOXA – Xs-MoDelay Demo

Xs-MoDelay was a stereo delay with filter and feedback distortion I designed back in 2003, controllable by LFO. So the delay as the LFO can be automatically synced to the host tempo.


Xs-MoDelay Interface










Xs-MoDelay Schematic
















Delay Structure Schematic













In this demo, featuring just Xs-MoDelay along with a bit of peak limiting I wanted to design the sound of a time warp kind of vehicle. In order to do so, I picked up a couple of my custom recorded sounds. One of them consist of a swish performance created from the movement of a couple of tree branches and recorded in stereo with a Sony PCM M10 recorder.


Raw Swish Recording

The other sound source comes from an eight-wheel car (the “small” and blue on the left in the picture below) recorded with an Edirol R-09 while travelling through New Zealand in 2009. The sample is made of an engine bursting, starting and then the car passing by.


Raw 8 Wheels Car Recording

Each of the layers was solely processed through a couple of Xs-MoDelay instances, automating some of their parameters to achieve a sense of dynamism.


Processed Swish Performance


Processed 8 Wheels Car


Then both tracks got mixed down to create the final sound.

Time Warp Vehicle


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